Bernadette Jordan

Your member of parliament for

South Shore-St. Margaret's

Bernadette Jordan

Your member of parliament for

South Shore-St. Margaret's


Opening of the 2017 Canada Summer Games

(Photo Credit: Team Nova Scotia)

Today marks the official beginning of the 2017 Canada Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba! The Canada Games are the country’s largest domestic multisport event and are the pinnacle of inter‑provincial/territorial sport competition. The Games are held every two years, alternating between winter and summer. The staging of the Games rotates through the provinces and territories. The Games showcase and support the development of Canadian athletic talent, put a spotlight on the host regions and present an opportunity to nurture Canadian pride. Canada’s next generation of national team members at the Olympic and Paralympic Games often compete at the Canada Games, which introduce athletes to large multisport competitions. The Games also help develop champions and inspire the dreams of Canadian youth.

The 2017 Canada Summer Games will be held in Winnipeg from July 28 to August 13, 2017. The Games will feature 16 sports, more than 250 events, and a major cultural festival: the Jeux du Canada Games Festival. The Games are expected to attract 3,900 athletes; around 1,300 coaches, support staff and sport officials; over 6,000 volunteers; hundreds of media; and more than 20,000 visitors. This will also be the 50th anniversary of the Canada Games, on the already special year of the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. Celebrations for these occasions are already underway and will continue during the 2017 Canada Summer Games.

We have nearly 30 athletes and coaching staff from South Shore-St. Margaret’s representing Nova Scotia at the 2017 Canada Games:

Josh Bell – LaHave (Athletics)
Ben Conrad – Bridgewater (Athletics)
Allie Flower – Lunenburg (Athletics)
Sarah Mitton – Brooklyn (Athletics)
Jacob Symonds – Shelburne (Athletics)

Assistant Coach – Larry Hood – Chester (Baseball)
Zack Zinck – Blockhouse (Baseball)
Evan O’Toole –  Bridgewater (Baseball)

Calum MacEachern – Mahone Bay (Cycling – Mountain)

Colin Ward – Mahone Bay (Cycling – Road)
Ian Hinks – Chester (Cycling – Road)

Matthew Chandler – Chester (Golf)

Head Coach – Lisa Ross -Lunenburg (Sailing)
Manager – Max Flinn – Chester (Sailing)

Jane Stevens – Upper Tantallon (Women’s Soccer)
Cameron Zinn – Auburndale (Men’s Soccer)

Megan Perry – Shelburne (Women’s Softball)

Micaela Sabean – Bridgewater (Beach Volleyball)

Olivia Bell – LaHave (Women’s Volleyball)
Renee Cleveland – Saint-Martin (Women’s Volleyball)
Hannah Wilkie – Bridgewater (Women’s Volleyball)

Elias Wile – Bridgewater (Wrestling)
Benjamin Swinimer – Chester (Wrestling)
Isabelle Kaulback – Wileville (Wrestling)
Wendy Marshall – Hubbards (Wrestling)

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